Thursday, April 29, 2010

Running Accident


First off, I was not the one in the accident, it was a fellow runner from the running group.  She wasn't in my pace group, so I'm not exactly sure of the details, but apparently she was hit by a car that wasn't looking as she was passing an intersection.  Just goes to show you how you've always got to have safety on your mind.  You can't assume the other guy saw you.   You’re running time isn’t as important as your health.

Hopefully she’ll be ok.  I didn’t hear where she was injured, but they were taking her to urgent care.

My run tonight went well.  I ran with two people doing a 1:30/1:00 interval (most of the runners do intervals there) .  It’s nice to have someone to talk with on the runs.  I’m glad I’ve started back there.  Hopefully Jen will start going.

aaa39434%20Americana%20Starter%20Set%20Uncle%20Sam%20Mickey[1] Yes! This means you!  I know you read this.  lol  Uncle Mickey says “I Want You!” 

Tomorrow I’m off work.  I plan to begin phase two of the yard makeover and run 3 miles.  Then off on Saturday and the race on Sunday. 


Jen said...

You are soooooooo funny (or you think you are). I am planning on doing it. I just want to build up a little more to it since I just started using the knee brace and all.

Annie said...

Don't push her too much. She's doing a lot already by starting to run, cutting soda and coffee, etc. One thing at a time and small steps... I'm sure a running group would help with staying motivated and keeping it fun, but she needs to decide what would help her. Doing too much at once, one is more likely to give up and not stick with things.

Mom said...

Hope that girl is OK! Yes, always look out for yourself. People run stop signs and red lights. I always look before crossing intersections. IT PAYS TO LOOK FIRST!