Saturday, May 1, 2010

Weekend Running

I didn't run Friday or today.  I decided to take a rest day on Friday because I've logged a considerable amount more than normal and tomorrow I have a race.  Today, I was having the familar feeling at the back of my heel.  Yup, the bone spur/bursitis/gout/whatever it is.  So I elected to rest it.  I'm hoping I'll wake up and it will have cleared.  It's funny like that. comes quickly and goes quickly.  The podiatrist I went to wasn't very helpful. He did an ex-ray and said I do have a bone spur, but didn't prescribe anything other than an NSAID.

I'll probably go to a different podiatrist sometime in the near future.  For now, it's more of an annoyance.  Not debilitating like it used to be.

Tomorrow's goals.  As I stated before, my BFHG is sub 29 minutes.  I don't know about this one.  If my feet weren't bothering me, I'd say it's doable, but for now I'll focus on the mail goal.  Sub 30 minutes. 

Either way, I'm bound to PR tomorrow.  Since I had a 5 year hiatus from running, and crossed that mythical 30 year old mark.  I don't consider my old times as my records.  There's no way in hell I'll beat my high school records (about 20:30).  So that means my PR is at 34:23 from the last race.  Easily beatable unless I have an injury tomorrow.   

Off to bed and rest my foot.  Here's to a great race tomorrow! 

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