Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday run

This weekend I've spent the majority of the weekend working on our yard. Since I moved in 3 years ago, a war has been going on in our yard between the shade trees and the grass that is trying to grow.... The shade trees won. This year I've decided to not try and seed the grass again, it's a futile effort. Instead, I've decided to turn our side yard into a woodland shade garden. This weekend began the first part with unloading nearly 40 bags of mulch, and 13 bags of top soil/humus/compost. Needless to say it's been a tiring, yet relaxing weekend.

With that said, I didn't run yesterday, in fact nearly all I did was the yard. I even skipped lunch (unintentionally). Today I decided to do the same route as last sunday. An out and back. Last week I realized I had cut off the cul-de-sac by our house, so my time should have been about 20 seconds longer. Tonight I ran it correctly.

About 1/2 mile into the run I was thinking "I really should not have eaten three hot dogs before my run" Although they were yummy (First time grilling this season), I probably should have waited until after the run. I did decide to take my FuelBelt Sprint Palm Water Bottle. I got it at the same time as my running shoes. It's a small bottle with a strap for easy running with. Also, I took a GU gel lack with me. First time with those as well.

I got to the turn around in 16:45. Last week I made it in 17:00, but I also didn't run the cul-de-sac, so again it should be about 20 seconds later. Meaning I made it there about 45 seconds faster than last week. I had my GU and some water, I was walked for a little over a minute with this, then started running again. The second half went fairly well, and I ended in 32:42. a bit fast than the 32:58 from last week, but once again, add that 20 seconds for the cul-de-sac, and it makes it about 35 seconds faster than last week. Plus I walked for over about 1 1/2 minutes tonight. I still think the shoes was the problem. My times are getting better now, and my feet don't hurt near as much as before.

SO even though I really didn't feel great starting out, the run ended well, starting off the week well. Let's hope it continues.

Also, way to go Jen on her 1.5 mile run/walk. keep it up babe!


Lisa said...

I think I've learned that lesson about hot dogs and running before. LOL.

And yard work counts as cross training!

Mom said...

Yes, yard work burns a lot of calories - helps the waist line too with all the bending. Not so great for the back though.