Thursday, April 8, 2010

Triple Treat Thursday

Numero Uno.
My new shoes arrived yesterday. After much research and debating, I chose the Brooks Glycerin 7 shoe. It's a neutral shoe with a lot of cushioning. Great for supinators like me. Today I tried it out for my typical lunch time two lapper. Right away I noticed a difference in how my feet responded. I could tell there was no resistance with rolling inward like with my older shoes. The cushioning was great on my heels too. For once, it didn't hurt to walk to Subway after my run.

Numero Dos.
Running at high noon on a day with predicted highs in the mid 80's after having a day with digestive issues is not the best way to get your run in. Unfortunately, I don't always follow what is logical. That's why today I found myself outside, sweating buckets, and hankerin' for a big glass of water. Good thing I only do short distances at lunch time. While my feet were feeling good (see Numero Uno), the rest of my body was hot, sweaty, and not into it. That's why my time sucked. I ran the 1.54 miles in 16:12. with my first mile being at 10:43 Not as good as my time earlier this week, but still a big improvement from when I started!

Numero Tres.
I was talking with Jen about this while we waited for the 5K to start a few weeks ago. Why is it all the running clothing is in bold colors? I've always been an outdoors man and love to wear olive greens and other "Earth" tones. Yet, I can not find athletic clothing in these colors. Today, I ran in a white Adidas shirt with dark blue stripes down the sleeves, matching shorts, white socks, and my new grey/black/gold running shoes, then I had my Texas A&M Entomology hat with a lighter blue brim and light tan body.

Back to the 5K race, I told Jen that I wanted to find all earth tones and be "That Guy" that wears outdoorsman colors to all my races. Now I just need to know where to find them!


teacherwoman said...

New kicks are da bomb!

Annie said...

Glad you found some shoes that seem to work well for you! It's a good sign that it didn't hurt to walk to Subway : ).

Funny you're conscientious of the colors you wear when running. haha! I just throw on whatever I have that's comfortable.

xm41907 said...

I'm not really conscientious. It was more of an observation than anything. It's just funny how different interests/hobbies have their own dress code. Take the opposite for example, you generally aren't going to see people wearing bright colored clothes while out on a wilderness hike.

Mom said...

Happy to hear the new shoes are working for you. Having the right amount of cushion for the right area on the foot makes a huge difference.
As for clothes for running it does make a difference there too, moreso with the texture of the material. Also, the dark colors make it hotter, so I tend to think of light colors when being outside and exercising.