Thursday, April 22, 2010

Three Things Thursday

Uno. So... yeah, it's been a week since I've been running. This cold has wiped me out. I still have a lingering dry cough, stuffy nose in the mornings, and my voice finally got back to normal today. With that being said, I plan to start back tomorrow, unless I turn worse again. Every day that I haven't run has made me feel like a lazy heffer, so I'll be glad to get back to it.

Dos. Today was Earth Day. One of the Captains (Army) and I were asked to participate in an Earth Day celebration at Fort A.P. Hill in Virgina. We updated a display board with relevant functions we perform (mosquito and tick surveillance, pest management consultations, and various other public health-insect related tasks) It was a perfect day to sit outside and talk about what we do with a bunch of middle and high school kids. The best part.... watching the kids scream and freak out when they realized the big brown thing sitting on my shirt was actually a large roach. :)

Tres. For lunch today I had a HUGE stromboli. There is a restaurant down by the fort that has three sizes (personal, medium, and large) last June on my first trip down there, several of us ordered the medium. The waitress laughed and asked us if we were sure. When it came out, it was massive. Think of a medium sized pizza folded in half, then stuffed with extra meats, cheese, and sauce. I could barely finish half of it. So today, I decided to order the "personal" It was still huge! I ate half of it, plus about an inches width of the second half. The rest I brought home to Jen. Total width was about 14 inches across and about 6 inches top to bottom. All for the price of $7.95!

Tres (Part B) After such a massive lunch, I decided to try making a green monster smoothy for dinner. They're yummy!


Mom said...

Funny about the roach on your shirt. It's about time for the bugs to start being a nuisance again.
Saw a huge mosquito the other night while out on our evening walk.
That stromboli sounded yummy. We just had a few pizza rolls. Hardly ever buy them, but we needed to buy a few quick snacks. Will have to make a green monster smoothie one day. We've been drinking Dr. Oz's breakfast smoothie for the past couple of weeks.
Keep taking care of that cold! I have one too or it's allergies acting up.

MCM Mama said...

LOL at number 2 and totally drooling over number 3. ;o)

Lisa said...

Hope you get back to running as planned.

#2 made me laugh. All hail, earth day...bugs and all!!