Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lunch Time 3 Miles

I tried a new route at lunch today. It's 3 miles and a pretty even route with some small hills. The run went well. About midway I took a Car-Boom energy gel. I didn't have any water and it made my mouth thick so in the future, I need to make sure I carry water if I'm going to take one. I didn't notice an effect with it. I only had about a mile left, so that might not have been enough time to take effect. It was a bit windy, but I still finished the 3 miles in 29:50. I always feel accomplished when I get my pace below 10 min/mile, even if only a few seconds. Now to finish out the work day and to watch Connor while Paige is in swim class. She goes to the Michael Phelps Swim School.

Also,I found a race for kids and plan to sign Connor up for it. Paige will be with her father, but maybe he'll take her, or let us have her that morning. She'd love it. I'm thinking of the 100 Meter Toddler Trot for Connor, and the 1 Kilometer Run for Paige, if she can come.

Here is the race I'm running this Sunday.  It looks to be a small race.  I should definitely PR this race.  My Big Fat Hairy Goal (BFHG) is to run it in under 29 minutes.  I think it's doable if I really push myself.  Otherwise my normal goal is to run it in under 30 minutes.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your race this weekend. I'm sure you can rock your BFHG, no problem!!

In regards to your energy gel, I always followed the philosophy that there wasn't a need to fuel up on a run under an hour or so. That may be why you didn't notice any effect - your body didn't really need it or utilize it. Everyone's body is different, but here's an article I pulled from Runner's World that might help: http://www.runnersworld.com/article/0,7120,s6-242-301--12826-0,00.html#

Annie said...

So cute! You should sign him up for a toddler run. : ) lol

Speaking of taking stuff, I made my first green monster smoothie today. It was yummy!!! I just put one banana, btw. The thing I tweaked was the amount of flax. I put 2 tbs., rather than the 1 tbs. I bought some finely grounded (no added flavors i.e. berry) at Whole Foods. It suggested 2-3 tbs per day, so I figured I will make mine with 2 tbs. each time. I'm going to try having one for breakfast every day at least for the next month and cut down to more meals with less calories.