Saturday, April 3, 2010

3 Mile Hike

Yesterday I took a 3 mile hike at Soldiers Delight Natural Environment Area.  It’s a nice hiking area because it’s not too hilly, the paths are pretty decent, and there’s never an abundance of people.  For my birthday, I got a new macro lens for my camera and wanted to try it out.  The hike went well, and about halfway through it, I broke out the macro and got a few shots in.  Overall, the hike was easy, and fairly slow paced.  Mostly I was enjoying being outside in the nice weather.  Below are a few shots I took with the new lens, and a few of the hiking area.

Today, I elected to take a rest day.  Tomorrow, I plan a “long” run.  Probably about 3-4 miles.


Macro lens no zoom                                      Macro lens with full zoom

  Up close of creek                                       Path with creek crossing


Annie said...

Nice pics!

Mom said...

You're going to enjoy that macro lens!