Friday, April 23, 2010


After 9 days of recovering from being sick I finally got back out there and ran my regular 3.1 mile route.  I still have a residual cough, and since I haven't run in over a week, I wasn't sure how it would go. 

This route is a pretty nice out and back with several gradual hills all along a sidewalk except for about 100 yards right before my turn around.  Tonight, I hit the turn around at 16:35.  A little faster than my previous runs, so I knew I was doing well.  On the return trip, I could definitely tell I was going faster (I always run better the second half, after my legs have warmed up), but it wasn't until I finished and ready my time that I realized I was kicking butt.   Well, relative to my runs this year.  I ran it in 30:57, a whole minute faster than my last run!

Go me!!

I did some calculating and if I had run the first half as fast as I did the second, my time would have been 28:44!  That's a HUGE difference, and much closer to where I used to run before the five year sabbatical.  My last race from back then was in 25:47. Maybe I really should start some stretching before my runs like I used to.

Does anyone else have slow times their first mile out too? 

In other news, we are having Connor's 2nd birthday party tomorrow.  His birthday was on April first, but we pushed it back, hoping the weather would be better.... Their calling for rain now.  Lets hope the weather dorks are wrong!


Lisa said...

Yes, my first mile is almost always slower than the restand I do this purposely as a warm up.

Jen said...

Proud of you, babe!

Carly said...

I am glad you are feeling better and great job on the run. Happy Birthday to your little man. He is adorable!