Friday, April 16, 2010

ugg! And a happy 50th posting

SO today marks my 50th post on here. A bit of a milestone, but nothing compared to those of you with 1500 posts! I was hoping to at least have some good news from a run to tell, but alas, I do not.

On Wednesday I received the first of three shots for a rabies vaccine. As part of my job, I may need to work with wild animals and so getting vaccinated is a good thing. However, yesterday I was feeling pretty yucky. My division chief is moving stations and we had a farewell happy hour for him last night. I could tell I was getting a fever, shivering and could feel I was hot. So when I got home, I said good night to the kids, and headed to bed. When I checked my temp, it was 102.6 and fluctuated between 102.2 and 102.5 all evening. I even had Jen call the doctor to see if I should be more cautious of the fever since I had just got a vaccination. Actually, it's the third vaccination I'd had in a week (H1N1 and Tdap last Thursday). Today I woke up with the fever down, but a yucky sore throat and some congestion. I hate to take two days in a row off from running but I might. We'll see how the day progresses.

So next Wednesday I'm supposed to get the second shot in the three short series for rabies. I foresee another fun filled fever night in the near future. Ugg.


teacherwoman said...

Sorry to hear you are not feeling so great. Happy 50th post!

Lisa said...

Bummer. Hope you get well soon. Or at least the reaction to the shots gets easier over time.