Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Three Miler

I originally planned to get up and run this morning because we had an Easter celebration to go to and I wasn't sure when we would get home. Unfortunately, I slept horribly last night, and decided to not run this morning. I ended up sleeping in until nearly 10:00!

So this evening, we got home, and I was still exhausted. We all laid down and I fell asleep until about 7:30. I really did not feel like running but knew I needed to get out there. I didn't run yesterday, and only hiked on Friday, remember? I laced up my functionally inappropriate shoes (see below) and grabbed my reflective vest as it was almost dark.

Last night I mapped out several new 3 mile-ish out and back routes. I tend to run better when I have a defined turn around and know I'm half way done, and just have to get back. So I picked on and off I went. At the turn around it was 17:00 flat. I thought "I can do better than that! Lets go!!!" so on the way back I picked up the pace and made it back in 32:58. I pretty substantial negative split! Not great but getting closer to my goal.

Now on to my shoes. I've been doing a lot of research online about running shoes, my shoe form (supination) and it's negative effects. I've learned a lot about my feet and many of my feet troubles are directly linked to being a supinator, for example: weak ankles, sore heels, bone spurs at the back of the heel. and high arches. In conjunction with this, the shoe I have is made for stability to help with people that over-pronate. Ummmm.... yeah, that would basically be the opposite of how my feet are now. Things could have been differently 5 years ago. After working on my feet for 5 years, and having gout, the mechanics could have changed.

SO..... Tonight I'm ordering a new pair of shoes that I've decided should be good for my feet. If not, they have a good return policy. Plus, I'm getting them for about half what you'd pay in a store for the same model!

In other news, my secret plan to turn Jen into an ultra-marathoner is underway. On Saturday, we stopped by Road Runners, and she got her feet tested. This morning she ordered herself a pair of shoes, and this evening has been researching the Couch to 5K training.

All in due time....... Heh heh heh!!!


Annie said...

Go Jen!

Jen said...

LOL....let's try to finish the 5k please!

Lisa said...

I like to run out and back routes too. :-)

Mom said...

Great that Jen has running on her mind. You'll have to take turns watching the kids. : )

Jen said...

Or take Paige with us....she likes to run, too!