Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Twinkle Toes Tuesdays

I tried my hand at some speed work today.  all I can say is ... it went. 

This morning my stomach was acting funny.  not nausea or anything, just an odd feeling.  Sort like hungry but not.  Any who, it's an awesome day out so I headed back to the track.  I wanted to get a bit of speed work in because I hate being so slow.  I know, I know, I'm not as young as I used to be, but can't I dream like I am?  I ran a short lap around the track, stretched, then started.  My goal was to run 6 sets of 220 sprints with 220 recovery sets in between.  That's sprint a half lap, walk the other half, and follow it up with a cool down lap.  That would have given me a 2 miler.  I ended up only making it through 4 sprints, then a cool down walk. 
My first one was great.  I took off feeling good and was happy to be flying like the wind. After that, however, I quickly sank into the glory of an aching side and shortness of breath. 

As I've mentioned before (Float Like a...), my Achilles heal, sort of speak, has been my breathing and lung capacity. When I first started back, my legs were weak and I felt I was being held back by them.  Not anymore.  Today reaffirmed my weakness is my breathing.

I'll continue with my speed workouts on Tuesdays, but I need to rethink my starting speeds.  Next week's goal..... finish all six sprints. 


Mom said...

I like your title -- twinkle toes--hehe
You might try doing some deep breathing exercises during the day before your runs. Also, drinking a large glass of water before running helps your lungs have more moisture.

Annie said...

My weakness is in my breathing too. Keep these coming. It gives me something quick to read to take my mind off stuff and good to have regular updates from you.