Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Scenic Running

Today was another quick workout.  2 laps around the ol’ lake.  I grabbed some fresh batteries and juiced up the Garmin before heading out so here are my metrics.

Distance: 1.6 miles

Time: 15:49

One mile time: 9:45

I stopped to walk for about 20 seconds after my first mile, then finished up.  Tomorrow I intend to do the same pace but finish without stopping. 

We went for a family walk this evening, roughly 1.25 miles. Nice weather for  stroll.

FYI, here is the scenery I get to enjoy everyday while on my lunchtime runs (photos were taken last summer).  There is a .77 mile path around the lake.


Annie said...

I have trails behind my apartments, but don't like to run on them by myself. I ran on the today, just to see... took pepper spray and called Dawn to tell her where I was and when I returned : ). I think I'd want to only go on them if I have someone with me in the future.

xm41907 said...

Are they secluded trails? Be cautious, but if there are a decent amount of people that use them, I'd think you'd be ok.

Mom said...

Yes, be careful. Anyone going out by themselves needs to be cautious, female or male. Always take the pepper spray. There was a lady attacked in a park here and there were plenty of other people not that far away.