Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Significant improvement

Today I repeated what I ran yesterday (2.25 miles) and my time was way better!  Yesterday I ran it in 26:26; today it was 25:38.  Now less than a minute might not sound like much, but today, I ran my first mile in 9:55!  Granted, I did take a walk for .25 miles that took me about 5 minutes, but then my second mile was 10:11!  Had I not stopped and walked, I would have had a pretty decent time. 

I wonder, could this be because I know I have a race on Sunday?  My short term goal is to get my pace to slightly under 10 min/mile, so this makes me very hopeful for Sunday! 

1 comment:

Mom said...

In the beginning you weren't too concerned with the time, only to get out there and exercise for your own health, but you are improving, getting stronger and faster!