Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Monday Mile and a Halfer

Monday, I tried to use one of our Garmin Etrek from work. It's not a unit designed for runners; we use it for GIS data collection, but it can display distance, speed, and time. I started it off, and took off. The intention was to do another 3 looper (2.25 miles). About halfway through the first lap, I noticed the Garmin died. Batteries were dead.

Since I didn't take a watch, I had no idea of time, but I felt like I was pushing myself. I ended up only doing two laps since I pushed myself, but that's cool. I've been leaning towards using my lunch runs to work on my speed rather than distance. There's just not enough time to get changed, warm up and run very far. I might start limiting it to two laps, and working on bringing down my time.


Annie said...

I did the walk/jog thing today on the treadmill. Worked out for an hour. 5 minute walking warm up, alternated between jogging on speed 5 for 2 minutes and walking on speed 3.5 for 1 minutes for a total of 45 minutes. Then I jogged for 10 consecutive minutes at the end.

I think I may try to keep this up where I jog for a consecutive amount of time at the end and start increasing that time (i.e. next week walk/jog 40 minutes and jog 15 minutes; following week w/j 35 minutes and jog 20 min). What do you think?

xm41907 said...

Good job! You've got me beat right now for amount of time working out. You might want to be more conservative on adding additional time. Maybe increase every other week. Just see how you feel over the next week or so. Also, you're already at a good workout time. Maybe instead of trying to increase time, try increasing intensity.

Mom said...

I'm so proud of my kids!
Like the change here on your blog site, James!

Jess said...

Speed is a good thing to work on if you have limited time.

As per your question on my blog about the jogging stroller: My daughter liked it when we first started using it, and for the most part, she usually falls asleep when we run, but if you've read my blog for the past two days, she's thrown her own mini-revolt, so I don't know if this is a temporary reaction or a permanent one yet.

If you're thinking of buying one: Two things. One, babies can't be "run" in a jogging stroller until they're about 6 months (or can sit pretty well on their own); however, there are adapters that can be installed so that you can use a car seat inserted into the stroller for walking. So you can use it as a stroller before 6 months.

Two, if you're an avid runner and you think you'll USE it for running, don't go cheap. Buy a good brand, like BOB or Baby Jogger.

xm41907 said...

Thanks for the info Jess. He's actually turning two tomorrow, so the adapter isn't a concern. I don't know if we'll buy one. It would depend on how much my wife gets into running. For now, we're looking at borrowing one. We're planning a family 5K in late April.

Annie said...

James, not trying to increase workout time. I'll keep that at 1 hour (possibly only 30 minutes on days that I work late). Just trying to increase the amount of time within that hour that I spend jogging as opposed to walking.