Monday, March 8, 2010

Mixed Monday

I was bad over the weekend.  I haven't run since Thursday (see post below).  Yesterday I had every intention of running when we got home from my birthday lunch, but Jen and I got into a talk about her getting in shape and then we decided to take Connor and Fala for a walk.  We did about 1.25 miles though, so I at least got some exercise.

Today, I headed to the gym for my lunch workout.  Mondays, I've decided are the days I'll test my metrics (weight, BMI, and fat index) on the handy dandy machine.   When I headed over, I noticed how nice it was and decided I'd run at the track across the street.  So, I jumped in for my test.  It wasn't good. Apparently, I've lost 2 lbs, but my fat index shot up well above what it was before I started!  How in the hell did this happen?  My only guess is that I usually test it after working out, and today I did it before.  I know I didn't pig out this weekend.  Maybe it was from lack of running.

So on to the run.  I did a two miler around the track.  Shortly after starting, I thought that I really should check my pace, so at the halfway mark, I started my timer (a Walkman MP3 player where I kept track of the time based on what songs played.  Then I backtrack to count up my time).  So after finishing the second mile, I calculated it took me 11:48.  Not what I would like but better than I anticipated based upon my treadmill pace.  So I've decided Tuesdays and Thursdays will be speed days.  I'd like to get my pace to a 10 min/mile.

The good news was that it was a great day to run outside. A slight breeze, the temperature was great, and just cloudy enough to not be beat down by the sun.

Tonight, we're going out for a family walk too.

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Mom said...

You're motivated! Doing much better than your mom is with getting your exercise in.