Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend stretches

I didn't run this weekend. There was too much going on and with it cold and rainy, I did not feel like running in the rain. Instead, I did some stretching. I've been thinking about yoga a lot lately, and am slowly trying to find a good routine that fits me well. About ten years ago, I had this book on personal yoga, written by a guy with severe back problems who couldn't do traditional yoga. His thesis was that not everyone can do traditional yoga, and that by listen to your own body, and adjusting your movements, that you can develop your own routines. I'd love to find that book again, but I've had no luck in my searches.

It's another cold and wet day, but today is Metric Monday, so at lunch I'll be off for some biking (stationary) and my weekly weigh-in. Catch ya later!

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Mom said...

A bit of stretching would be good. Stretching and deep breathing.