Thursday, March 25, 2010


Yeah, today is a rest day. Not for my feet though. They're feeling pretty good. I've been slightly dizzy today. I started new BP medicine on Saturday because the previous gave me horrible dry cough. One of the major side effects is dizzyness. I've slightly felt it the last two days, but today it's fairly strong. Not incapacitating but enough to not want to run. I hope it goes away as my body gets used to this new med; if not, then I might have to change yet again. :(


Annie said...

Ugh! Hope you could get your health up to par to where you don't need to take those meds until you're older. G-ma L takes blood pressure medicine that doesn't seem to cause problems for her. Do you know what kind she takes?

Mom said...

Your dad takes BP meds too.
amlodipine/benazepril caps