Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Name's James and I'm Addicted to Food.

I have an addiction, it's food.  since I started back to running at the beginning of the year, I've been waiting to see the bathroom scale benefits.  They've yet to show up.  Sure, I feel way better than I did a year ago.  I'm fitter, I'm more healthy, and I have more energy...... but......I know I'm overweight and many of my health issues stem from that. 

"your making muscle, and muscle weighs more than fat"  I don't know how many times people have mentioned this.  If this is what was going on, by now I should be as buff as Arnie was before he took on politics.  It's been nearly a year and I don't have that much more muscle.  My calves are bigger, that's about it looks-wise. 

Basically all year I've fluctuated only about 5-10 lbs.  My weight has been anywhere from 205-217.  Why can I not break below the 200 mark?  I'll tell you, it's pure and simple....

I LOVE to eat!  Just ask my wife

Usually around 2:00 she's getting a text message "What's for dinner?" or "I want Don Pablos" 

I'm a Mexican foodaholic.  I could eat it everyday.  And of course this does nothing to help me loose weight.

We also eat out way more than we should.  Our kitchen is not suitable for our needs.  It's too small, doesn't have the right storage, and the fridge, microwave, and dishwasher are barely functional.  All of this makes conducive conditions for eating out all the time. With a busy family, hectic household, and hungry tummys, it's so much easier to hop in the car and wash our worries down with a tall glass of tea (unsweetened many times). 

The simple truth:  Calories in has to be less than calories burned.

I'm working hard on the calories burned side, but now it's time to step it up on the calories in side.

The holiday's are coming fast and we'll be spending Christmas to New Years with my family in Oklahoma (Ah, some of my favorite restaurants will be calling my name daily!).  It's going to be hard to eat healthy then if I don't start working on it now.  We as a family need to develop strategies and methods to keep from eating out so much and eat healthier items when we do.   Jen's on board as well, and hopefully we'll establish so new routines that will help. 

It's time to get serious and face my addiction!  I seriously don't want to be lugging 215 lbs or more when I run my marathon in March!


Jen said...

You made the first step is admitting it! You missed how I can't make cookies, brownies, cakes cause they will be gone WAY to fast cause of some person who is a late night snacker! Love you anyway!

Andrew Opala said...

I love food too ... you can only manage that addiction it never goes away until you die.

teacherwoman said...

I need to work on this too, and Halloween candy is not helping. It's the devil!

I know that Amanda at runtothefinish.blogspot.com usually hosts a Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge, so I look forward to participating in that again this year. Just a heads up if you are interested...

Jen said...

In case you wanted to know what was for dinner...I am making a roasted garlic and herb pork loin filet, roasted potatoes, and some green beans or broccoli. The pork has 6g of fat and 140 calories per serving. LOL

Paul said...

I hear you. I weighed 228 lbs when I started running. Now I weigh 170. You can do it

If you combine a slight calorie deficit with the running the lbs drop off.

what worked for me:

- I ate smaller portions...I would stop eating when still a bit hungry.

- eat slower, enjoy each bite and let your body tell you it's getting full (my family is from the "wolf it all down before somebody takes it away" camp 8)

- use fresh herbs and spices rather than fats to make food interesting.

- I stopped eating so much dairy fat. No sour cream, no major dumping of cheese on pasta, etc.

- I would have a good (but not fatty) breakfast, but go easy on lunch.

- it became quite addictive to seeing the lbs come off and the running get easier. Helped me through the really hungry patches.

- Eating out...no bread for me, no starter (or share..or salad), no dessert or share one.

- It helped to have the support of my spouse. She was willing to put up with some of my cooking 'experiments'. 8)

James said...

@teacherwoman-I'll check her blog out.

@Jen- sounds like a yummy dinner.

@Andrew-I can cure the addiction but I'll only live a few more days!

@Paul, thanks for the tips!

Annie said...

I hear yah! That love for Mexican food, especially, seems to run in the family. I'm all for trying to eat healthy in OK, so lets all encourage one another.

Aside from the cardio and food, if you really want to drop faster and maintain, do more strength/weight training. The program you are on with the push-ups, etc. should help, but look into adding some kind of weight training routine 2-3 days per week. I'm trying to do this myself, because I know that is the primary thing keeping me from toning up to where I'd like to be.

I'm so glad you guys are trying to maintain healthy lifestyles... want to have you around for years and years to come and still be jogging around neighborhoods with you when we get together in our 60s!

Jen said...

Does that mean no Taco Bueno for James?

James said...

I WILL have my taco bueno... just not every day. :)

Lisa said...

i struggled with the last 10 lbs for the same reason....love.to.eat.

Annie said...

No, we must have Taco Bueno. :) Portion control will be key! I think we can all agree to do without Sonic this time, now that you finally have one near you.

d.a.r. said...

Good luck with this, I know that changing your eating habits is WAY more difficult than starting to exercise. Eating is such a social experience for so many of us, and one of those rare opportunities for our entire family to sit down and be together. Good luck! It sounds like you have some good support, that will help!