Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Next Race Thoughts

I have less than 3 weeks to go before the Army 10 Miler and frankly I feel crappy about my total lack of training for this race.  Yes, I've had a few medical problems that forced me out of training early on, but looking back I could have jumped back from them sooner and pushed myself harder to train.  At this point I'm focused on getting my mileage back up so that 10 miles isn't a shock to my system.  Speed work, and  tempo runs will have to wait for another time.

So with the race nearly here, I'm starting to think about my next big race, one that I hopefully will be able to train for.  I'd like to do a half marathon and am starting to look at what's coming up.  I'm thinking an early 2011 race would be nice.  Any suggestions on races around January-March?


teacherwoman said...

I know there are plenty between January and March, especially in the southern states. Probably like a Rock and Roll marathon in Tuscon or something like that!?

Jen said...

If you are flying somewhere you better plan on taking me!!! You get to leave me behind for business stuff....but I am coming on this one! LOL

(side note---why is my word verification word to post this "sodamme"---something just wrong about that)

James said...

I was hoping for something close by but our area doesn't have much around that time. I foresee a weekend getaway without the kids in our future.