Monday, October 25, 2010

I’ve Gone and Done it Now!

This morning a hesitantly clicked the button sending $106.75 to the wonderful folks hosting The Yuengling Shamrock Marathon.  I only have a few weeks to relax before training starts for it.  I’ve started to look for a treadmill because I can not rely on doing my long runs outside all winter long. 

My hamstring is still fairly sore, I most likely pulled it some while hobbling for two miles yesterday.  No running this week! 

I may have had a crappy finish for the race yesterday but could this face be one of utter disappointment?


Taken at Buffalo Wild Wings shortly after we left.

On Wednesday the race pics are supposed to be posted and I’m hoping for some good ones.  I “posed” for a bunch of cameras throughout the race.  I’ll post any I can find.

Oh, and I’m probably going to try for two more races this year. A Turkey Trot, and a Christmas race. 



Lisa said...

WooooHooo! Marathon training ready to commence!

Paul said...

Oh boy..nothing like throwing some money down...commitment is good!

It's a huge amount of time and effort ahead ...but when you finish you will be able to say "I'm a marathoner".

That will feel really good 8) (even if your body doesn't ;)

chris mcpeake said...

Once you register you know your going to have to do it. Good luck with the training

Andrew Opala said...

Let the a$$-whoopin begin!

Goals are the best motivation!

Good luck in the training.

Annie said...

What's the Christmas race? Will that be in OK?