Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Busted Speed Mile

Today my goal was to run another speed mile.  It failed miserably.  I did a short warm up, stretched then headed out.  I got about 1/3rd of a mile in and died.  No steam left in the caboose.  I ended up walking to the 1/2 mile mark then tried again, and gave out about a minute into it.  I ended up walking the rest of the way.  Two things:

1.  My shins were sore again, most likely from the squat challenge.  I think I’m going to hold it off until after the Army 10 Miler, then start it back again.  I don’t want to cause any injuries before the race.  I’ll be keeping the push-up and sit-ups going though.

2.  I didn’t eat a lunch today and given I haven’t had anything since about 9:00 a.m.  I had no energy to sustain the speed work.

I’ll try another speed mile on Thursday.  I’ll be sure to eat prior to it. 


Paul said...

wow, I've found it really hard to do the 'one hundred' xxx challenge things and also do heavy training...i.e speed or long runs. just couldn't do it.

But you're younger than me..perhaps you can pull it off after a bit?

..with avid interest, keep up the good work!

Andrew Opala said...

Why are you abusing yourself like this!!

Eating would have slowed me down before a run like this, but everyone is different.

Keet it up - what time do you think you can do the mile in?

Adam said...

Ouch, not eating lunch is totally the reason why you bonked. You gotta fuel the machine!!