Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pre Race Update

Tomorrow I’m running the Susan G. Komen Maryland Race for the Cure.  Originally my wife signed up and created a team.  Next, I signed up and we were going to run it together.  Unfortunately, Jen’s been having some trouble with her feet (Yeah, she’s got to follow everything I do! just kidding!), and the doctor suggested she not run it; so instead she’ll be walking it pushing Connor in the stroller. Being that she’s walking it, I’ll be running it and feel pretty confident that I’ll do well.  I’ve decided to bring along my walkman and run with music.  Tonight I’m planning out my play list.  For some reason I just feel good about the race tomorrow. 

I want to thank those of you that spread the word about my virtual run.  I don’t have much a following yet and appreciate everyone helping out.  I’m looking forward to reading the reports!  Wish us all luck tomorrow.   I know some of you are running it as well.  Maybe I’ll catch ya there!

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Lisa said...

Have a good race!!