Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday 8 miles

This morning I ran 8 miles for my long run.  I had intended to do 7 or 8 depending on my mood.  Well, everything fell in place for a great run so I did 8.  The temperature was in the low 70’s, it wasn’t too humid, and I felt great!  For my long runs, I’ve been trying to stay at a 11 min/mile pace, and I achieved that for all but one mile.  My average was 10:50.  It was one of those rare days where things just worked.  I stopped for a energy gel at the turn around, then a pee break shortly after.  Otherwise it was no stop running.  My music of choice:  Bush – Sixteen Stone, then a mix of Pearl Jam.  After the run, I meet a friend at Caribou Coffee for a few hours.  Now to relax then meeting another friend for dinner with the family.   
My splits were pretty good I think.
Mile 1 = 10:24
Mile 2 = 10:41
Mile 3 = 10:59
Mile 4 = 10:56
Mile 5 = 10:43
Mile 6 = 10:55
Mile 7 = 11:05
Mile 8 = 10:50
Total = 1:26:38

1 comment:

Adam said...

really consistant splits once you fell into a groove. Nice work.