Thursday, May 27, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1.  I got my truck back.  It was the fuel pump and wouldn’t ya know it?  My truck has probably one of the most expensive fuel pumps around.  over $600!! That, along with a new fuel filter and gas tank strap, plus labor = $1239!!!  I really had no grounds to shop around.  It cost me $80 to have it towed there.  After ponying up the money I know have my truck back. Only missed one day of work and I’m making it up tomorrow which was supposed to be my day off. 

2.  With the truck fiasco, I flat out forgot to do my makeup run yesterday, so until this evening, I hadn’t run since Sunday.  I was starting to feel like a fat tub of goo.  So I made it a point to leave work in time to make it to the running group tonight.  I ended up running alone as my normal peeps were gone and nobody else wanted to run what I did.  It was HOT and HUMID.  But overall a good run.  I ran 2/1 intervals but sped it up slightly from what we normally run to push myself.  I ended up doing 4.1 miles as I added a little loop in the middle.4615674089_2d630e10a0_o

3.  I was tagged by Olivia over at  Blissful Runner for the Versatile Blogger award.  The rules are to post 7 random things about me, then tag 7 other people.  I think most of the people I follow have already taken it, so I’ll leave it up to my faithful followers (if I have any) to do it if you haven’t already.  Here goes:

1). In high school and the first two years of college I worked at Taco Bell.  Everyone asked me if I got sick of eating it but the answer was no.  I basically ate it for at least one meal a day. Even on my day’s off I often stopped by.  You can’t be $0.59 for half price!  I still eat it occasionally but boy do I miss being able to mix my own stuff.  Yum!

2).  For nearly three years, I kept poison dart frogs.  I had three tanks and even were starting to have babies.  Somehow the tanks became infected with a frog fungus and over the course of about 9 months, they all died.  I filled one tank up with water and now have a cool looking aquarium with an interesting planted background.  Someday, I’ll get back into them.

3).  I’ve attended six different colleges and have four degrees.  I spent freshman year at one, sophomore year at another and received an A.S. in Business.  Started working full time and took classes between two other schools on a part time basis for the next three years.  I found my career interest, quick work and attended another one where I finished my B.S. and M.S.  then I moved to Maryland and started an M.S. ed which I completed in 2007. 

4).  Along with number 3.  I’ve been itching to go back to school.  I would love to get a PhD, but really need to be a fulltime student again and I can’t afford it with the family.  Maybe once Jen hits the lottery I’ll go for it!

5).  I had a best friend that died in our early twenties.  We had the same last name and everyone thought we were cousins we were so close.  It was a hard thing to deal with and I've come to terms with it.  As a way to honor him.  We decided to use his name as Connor’s middle name (Griffin).

6).  Today, I spent several hours discussing the possibility of a certain mosquito-borne disease causing widespread economic injury, livestock deaths, and possibly human deaths; should the organism reach the US.  Then, I spent a few hours working on a presentation on bed bugs, and ended the day researching some accidental pesticide deaths.  I love my job!

7).  In less than two weeks I will be in Disney World with my family, my parents and sister for a week.  I’m bringing my shoes and plan to bond with my sister while pounding some pavement.


MCM Mama said...

The thought of bed bugs totally skeeves me out. Your job certainly sounds interesting...

Annie said...

Can't wait for Disney World! I'm up to running 4 miles (approximately 50-55 minutes). I haven't ran in a couple of days though.

We should do yoga in the evenings.

Jen said...

ooh I would love to do Yoga!!! Hopefully we can squeeze some of that in!

Adam said...

Eeeek. As someone who stays in hotels a lot, I SURE hope that your work on bed bugs was about how they are going away.

That is amazing how much school you have went through. I know there is no way I could do that.

James said...

Thanks Adam! I like school, that's the only way I was able to get through it. As for bed bugs, it's a must to inspect the mattress, boxsprings, and headboard when staying in a hotel. They're everywhere now.