Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sticky Sixer

This morning I ran 6 miles at the NCR Trail. It was pretty good outside of one thing.  Wet! It must have rained a lot last night, as there were a ton of small puddles along the trail.  Also, the humidity was something fierce.  I cam home to some wicked chaffing in the inner thigh region.  Yes, I did put some anti-chaffing stuff on before the run.  Oh well, still a good run.  Now for the recap:

Mile 1 - 11:01 - Not much to mention, the typical begining mile for me.  Slow start, then settle in.
Mile 2 - 10:57 - Quick potty break (not timed), then a nice pace. Enjoying the scenery and music.
Mile 3 - 11:26 - Humidity was getting to me. The last 1/4 to the turn around was slow.
Mile 4 - 11:00 - I stopped for some energy gel and several drinks of water(not timed), then off again. The stop must have given me a boost.
Mile 5 - 11:49 - Humidity was killing me.  I stopped for a 1 minute walk.
Mile 6 - 11:12 - I mostly coasted in.  Inner thighs were rubbing raw and just ready to get out of the sticky clothes.

It was a better run than I was expecting after yesterday.  We attended a pool party New Jersey and got home late.  Plus I have a ton at the party.

After the run, we took the kids to see Shrek 4.  it was a good movie.  Not as good as the first but on par with 2 and 3.


MCM Mama said...

I hate humid runs. Good job getting it done.

My kids want to see the new Shrek, but we'll likely wait until it hits the Cinema and Draft house.

wendy_kresha@charter.net said...

This humidity stinks!!!!

EZEthan said...

Chafing sucks!!! I have one pair of running shorts that just kill me if run for anything over an hour in them... I've found that the Nike Dri Fit shorts work the best for me!

You gotta embrace the humidity... We're Warriors!!!!

Heather said...

The humidity makes running tough - especially early in the spring/summer when you're not used to yet. Nice job getting out there!

Adam said...

BLEH! That is the ONE and only thing that I like about running in PHX. no humidity.

Body glide my friend, body glide

James said...

I'm looking for an alternative to body glide. It doesn't seem to work well for me.