Friday, May 7, 2010

Still out

No run or walk yesterday.  I went home and vegged on the couch.  My wrist was so sensitive yesterday that the vibration from walking gave me piercing pain.  Today, it's a bit better.  I'm going to work on icing it throughout the day and definitely resting it.  Will try for a short jog tonight if possible. Otherwise more rest and ice this evening.  I would like it at least bearable tomorrow so I can try and run the 5K.  I've got 24 hours for some improvement. 

Tomorrow Goal: Just to be able to run the race without my wrist killing me.
Secondary Goal:  Cheer Jen and the kids on if I can't run.


Anonymous said...

Good luck! Hope you mend quickly!

teacherwoman said...

I hope you heal fast! Good luck tomorrow!

Annie said...

Hope you feel well enough to run the race! Get lots of pics and video of the kids : )