Wednesday, May 12, 2010

This Weeks a Bust

So far this week I only ran on Sunday.  This week has been very busy with work.  I am attending a workshop in DC, and the commute is nearly 5 hours a day with having to fight my way through both Baltimore and DC.  The workshop has been great but it gets tiring listening to presentations all day plus the commute.  So running has been on the back burner.  I was going to try tonight, but rain and lightning kept me from going.  I have one more day then I am off for the weekend (I get every other Friday off).

My goal is to make Friday a long day.  I want to shoot for 6 miles.  On Saturday is the kids race. Paige is with her father this weekend, and he's agreed to bring her, but I don't know if he's going to run with her or not.  I'm going prepared to run or photograph the events.  Jen will be running with Connor in the 100 meter race.  Should be a fun day for them.

In other news, my wrist tendonitis is SLOWLY getting better.  I've got a little bit of mobility with it now.  The pain still comes and goes, but is getting more going than coming.  As long as it's mostly healed by June 5th I'll be ok. We're going to Disney World for a week!  Can't wait!

Now, off to rest and get ready for my last day of fighting DC traffic!

UPDATE: I ended up doing a 2 mile run after the storms stopped. Nothing great, didn't time myself, and had some chaffing due to the high humidity, but I'm glad I got out there anyway.  I hate going more than 2 days off of running.  


Anonymous said...

I did get over to Fleet Feet last week (it was the race packet pickup location for the St. Tim's 5k). I didn't get a chance to look around too much, but the location is great for me - I'm sure I'll be back.

Glad to hear the wrist is mending. Sound like your workshops (and the weather!) timed it just right with your injury. Don't you love it when that happens? Less guilt!

Annie said...

6 miles? Are you up to that point yet..thought you weren't supposed to increase more than 10% or whatever?

teacherwoman said...

2 miles are good! Nice work. Don't push yourself too hard tomorrow if you are not ready for 6 miles!

Adam said...

2 miles is still better than nothing! I hear you on the busy work week. I slept a solid 11 hrs last night!