Friday, May 21, 2010

Funny Friday

Last night I ran with my running group.  We did 2/1 run/walks for 3.75 miles.  I always enjoy running with the group.  It's refreshing to have people to talk with, and run/walking is a nice break from my normal runs.  One thing I've been noticing is that I'm more winded with the run/walks than with full running.  Maybe it has to be the constant change between recovery breathing and run breathing.  When I full run, it takes about 5 mins to settle into a good breathing rhythm. 

The funny thing about last night was I pulled into the parking lot, and got stuck behind a car that was waiting for a "bag boy", by this I mean a man in his 70's, trying to collect carts for Trader Joe's from the parking lot.  He had 5 carts, and they kept running away from him.  One would start rolling away (the parking lot is slanted) and when he went to grab it, the others would start rolling.  This repeated itself several times.  I have no idea why he didn't push them together like the gigantic Walmart cart trains. This lasted about 3 minutes before a pedestrian offered to help him.  Why didn't I help?  I could stop laughing.


Katie A. said...

Hey James!
Thanks for stopping by! Love the pretty pics of your running area! So green!
Oh, and for the record, I probably would be right there with ya LMAO!
Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

You are so mean (she says with a grin)!!

I'm with you on the run/walk thing. I've never really tried it for the very problem you mentioned. It takes me about a half mile to find a good rythem and once I do, I don't stop for much.

wendy_kresha@charter.net said...

I like running with my running group as well : )

Heather said...

I walked a little bit at the end of each mile of my six miler last night. Although it helped mentally to know I would have a break each mile, it was hard to get back into a rythym once I started running again.

MCM Mama said...

I'd be with you, LMAO. I know that makes me bad, but oh well.

Rachel said...

don't you think being winded more often is a good thing? Means you're getting in better shape!!!!

Adam said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Pictures. This post needs PICTURES. :)