Saturday, May 15, 2010

Kids Race Results.


The kids had the best time today at their race.  The weather was perfect, there were plenty of people, but not too crowded, and they both had awesome runs!  We all got there awhile before the races so the kids got to play on the playground. Here is the two of them just before the festivities began. 


Before the races began, they called all runners to a grassy area and everyone went through some basic stretches.

IMG_2524 IMG_2516

Connor and Jen’s 100 meter Toddler Trot was first.  He had a small upset before the race but only because he had to sit still until time to go.  Once the race was off, he loved it! 




Next up was Paige.  She was so excited.  She was with her daddy this weekend, and he brought her out.  This was her first time to run by herself, and she did a great job. Something tells me she’s got cross country in her future!



As soon as the race started, she fell into an empty pocket and was able to run at her own pace without other kids around. 


Mid-race, she held a great pace. And just look at that form.  A natural runner!


Coming into the end, she was getting tired  but once she saw the end was near, she took off.

IMG_2593IMG_2594 IMG_2600

When She was done, we all had some post race snacks, the kids got to play on a bouncy castle, and we relaxed, as the other races finished.  After we left, Connor, Jen and I went to the National Zoo for a splendiferous time where we got to see the pandas, and the entire time, Connor kept running around saying “running, Daddy, Mommy, running!”  

Oh, and we can’t forget him picking up fresh peacock poopy!


In other news, I postponed my 6 mile run until tomorrow morning.  Wish me luck fighting the morning “dontwannas”!


Annie said...

Way to go Paige! Looks like she ran nonstop. How long was her run? That's great! Tell Paige I am proud of her!

James said...

She ran nonstop, except for two times she thought she was done and stopped. She ran a .5K in 3:35. Not bad for a 5 year old. I'd say she was around the middle of the pack.

Lisa said...

How cute!

Adam said...

HA! Too fun. I love everyone stretching - reminds me of football players stretching before a game.