Thursday, May 6, 2010

Three Things Thursday With a Bonus

Three things Thursday

1.  Yesterday I went to the doctor for some pain I've been having in my right wrist.  For the last couple of months, I've had  dull pain off and on, but starting about two weeks ago it's become an everyday thing and more intense.  He diagnosed me with tendonitis and prescribed me a wrist brace and naproxen NSAID.   Well, I slept with the brace on and this morning I felt like I had broken my hand.  Extremely stiff, and sharp pain whenever I move it.  I called the Dr. and he said that if it's causing more pain to not use it.  I did as told.  I have some movement in my fingers again, but still not back to where it was yesterday. I'm going to try some ice baths and massage and see if that helps. 

2.  This tidbit relates to the aforementioned injury. When I woke up this morning and felt how sore it had become.  The first thing that pooped into my mind was "I hope it doesn't hurt too bad to run with tonight".  This was sort of an epiphany for me.  Having that thought about something keeping me from my run helps me to know that this time the running habit has stuck.

3.  We're signed up for the Musical Madness 5K run this Saturday.  As of right now, they are calling for morning showers, so it might be a rainy race! I'm running the 5K, Jen and Paige will be running the  1K fun run, with Jen pushing Connor in the stroller.  It should be a fun day less the rain. 

4.  Tonight, I plan to run with the store group at 6:00, provided my wrist pain isn't too much.  If it is, then I'll try for a nice long walk.


Adam said...

blah. I always worry about carpal tunnel w/ all of the desk work I do. Hopefully it turns around!

Good luck this weekend on the race! Sometimes doing a race in showers is fun - keeps you cool!

Jamoosh said...

Heh, who needs a wrist to run...

Mom said...

Grandma will give your wrist a good rest at the parks! I'm ready to hold my grandkids!!!