Thursday, May 20, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1.  There hasn't been much to say about my running this week, besides Sunday's long run.  Monday was a rest day.  Tuesday I did 3.1 miles after work.  It was a nondescript run.  Wednesday I walked 1.55 miles during lunch.

2.  In about three weeks we are taking a trip to Disney World, where we will be meeting with my parents and sister.  It's not too often we all get together, so it should be a great week.  We would have liked my brother and his family to join, but they couldn't afford it. 

3.  This weekend we're headed up to New Jersey for a birthday party and will be getting in late Saturday night. Sunday's long run should be interesting.  I'm going 6 miles again.  I thought about increasing to 7 but decided to hold off until next week. 


teacherwoman said...

I haven't been to Disney World since 1998! I loved it both times i went, granted I was 12 one time and 17 the other, but I secretly look forward to going back again in the future!

Have fun in Jersey! I think you're playing it smart with only doing 6 miles... you can do 7 next weekend!

Annie said...

I haven't ran since last Sat or Sun, I think it was. This week has been busy with typing reports each night for work, etc. Need to pick it up this wkend.

James said...

Annie you better pick it back up. I'm looking to run 3-4 times while in Disney. Probably one long run (7-8 miles)during that time. You better "bring it"!