Monday, May 3, 2010

Paige and I

   I’m planning another 5K this weekend very similar to yesterdays, although the course isn’t as hilly.  They have a 1K fun run that Jen and Paige will be doing, with Connor in the stroller. Also, in two weeks is the “Kids on the Run” race where Paige will be running a 1K and Connor a 100 meter. 
Paige has run with me a few times, always as a run/walk, so tonight I thought I’d challenge her.  We did 1.5 miles nonstop (other than about 20 seconds at the turn around).  She was awesome!  No whining, didn’t fall (as she is prone to doing) and even finished with a sprint! 
The numbers:  1.5 miles at 24:15.  I’d say that’s great for a 5 year old!! 
I had to get a few pics when we got back so here she is post run finishing off our water.


Lisa said...

Go Paige!

teacherwoman said...

Yay for Paige!

Annie said...

Great job! Give Paige a big high five from her auntie!

Grandma Marsha said...

Yeah, Paige!!!!