Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sidetracked From Running

Tonight I had intended on running a 4 miler, but sadly, it didn’t happen. 

I had a normal day of work.  Buggy consultations, BSA Jamboree planning, bed bug analysis, and even some dishwashing (mosquito incubators) along with a nice 1.55 mile walk around the lake.  It was going well, until the ride home.

I was getting off the interstate and as i came to a stoplight on the off ramp, my truck died.  I coasted to a stop and tried to start it.  The engine cranked but wouldn’t turn over.  The starter was fine, lights, stereo, horn, etc all worked, but alas, the engine wouldn’t work.  I called Jen, who proceeded to sign us up for AAA.  There was some issues with getting everything setup right, but after awhile the tow truck was on his way.  About 2 hours later and $92 cheaper, the truck is now sitting outside a local mechanics waiting for them to open tomorrow.  It sounds like it could be the fuel pump, or an electrical system problem.  No telling how much it’s going to cost.  AAA

While I’m glad we got AAA, I’d like to make a few observations. 

First:  it took awhile to get everything setup.  Jen signed up, but they couldn’t find me on the membership, finally we got it all straightened out. 

Second:  The guy on the phone tried to diagnose the problem and proceeded to tell me the alternator was out.  HELLO!  the batter was just fine. If it was the alternator, then it wouldn’t start because the battery had been drained.  The tow truck operator shut that theory down immediately.


Third, and most important:  If you have or plan to get a AAA membership.  Be sure to purchase the Plus membership.  The basic one only covers the first 3 miles of a tow.  The Plus covers the first 100 miles.  You can not purchase a plus membership and have it active in the same day.  Only the basic can do that.  If you have the basic and need it towed more than 3 miles, it costs $4 per mile.  Best to pay the difference.  It cost me $92 after Jen already paid for the membership.



The good news is I called my office, and my supervisor allowed me to switch my regular day off (this Friday) with tomorrow, so that was great.  Thanks Ben!

Also, since I will be off tomorrow, I’ll make up the run I missed tonight, and try to get some much needed  housework done. 

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