Sunday, February 20, 2011

Why You Little Hammy!

Today's recovery run sucked.  I didn't run all week because my legs were sore from last weeks run.  I did walk quite a bit though.  Today I was hoping to get in between 6-8 miles but only made it 3.43 miles. The same spot that's been bothering me since my treadmill incident three weeks ago is still acting up.  It was slightly worse than it was when I began my long run last week.  I decided to shorten the route down and just get back so I wouldn't be pushing it any further.  More rest/walking this week and see how it goes next week.  It was supposed to be my last and furthest long run (20-21 miles).  I can push it back one week but after that it's too close to the race to do a long run.  This week will be a lot of pampering of it!

I haven't gotten a foam roller yet, but a friend at work let me borrow their "The Stick" and I've been using it on my legs.  It does hurt, similar to how I imagine the foam roller would until things are worked out with the muscles.  I'm not sure which would be better, roller or stick?  

I'm starting to get concerned that this injury won't be recovered enough by race day.  At what point should I start considering a DNS??

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Sarah said...

I think the foam roller is better than the stick overall, but both have their benefits. The foam roller can be used on more areas of the body (e.g., the back) and is more effective at covering large portions of the body at once (e.g., full length of leg). However, the stick is more compact/portable and is good for targeting specific trouble spots without having to contort your body into strange positions.

I really hope your hamstring heals before your marathon. I just had to cancel/defer two races because of a strained MCL. I may even have to cancel a third if I don't have enough time to train once (if) it heals. Take care of yourself!