Monday, February 28, 2011

February Recap

February hasn't been too good of a month for me.  Right at the tail end of January I had a minor treadmill incident that's left me with a lingering hamstring injury.  Real pain never surfaced but discomfort has been there all month.  The entire month I've been recovering from it and it's put a damper on my marathon training and mental attitude.

On the positive note, I did get in an 18 miler which I'm darn proud of.  It's the furthest I've ever gone and I feel accomplished just for making it that far.  Lastly, I ended the month with a not too shabby 7.5 miler which has brought me out of the injury funk.

February Recap:

Number of runs:4!!  I did get in a bunch of walking though.

March Goals:

Finish marathon training.
Complete the marathon (no time goal at the moment).
Recover from marathon.


Jen said...

Just think....with your marathon and your training run this week you will blow right past what you ran in February!

Annie said...

Way to persist!