Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Not much to report on running.  After my long run turned short on Monday I'm taking it easy, again, and just walking this week.  I want to give it time to heal but also know that I need to keep up with my moving and hopefully get in a last long run if I'm going to be able to run the marathon next month.  I have 25 days until race day and I plan to be healed up by then.  Sure, it's early in the season and plenty of marathon opportunities left in the year but I'm confident/hopeful/optimistic that I'll be refreshed and healed by race day. 

In other news, we've begun remodeling out kitchen.  Our fridge ice maker broke and started leaking into the freezer creating a frozen pool of water. Last weekend we went shopping and bought a new (open box) fridge.  It's a french door model similar to the picture at the right. 

Now we couldn't bring in such a nice fridge to an outdated kitchen so over the weekend we ripped out the old tile flooring and will be replacing it this week along with painting the walls.  Out cabinets are old and ugly so we decided to remove the upper cabinet doors and going with an open look.  Next (Phase Two) we'll be replacing the dishwasher and microwave, resurfacing the bottom cabinet doors, and down the line (Phase Three) replacing the countertop and sink.  

Phase One should be done by this weekend and I'll post some pics. 

Lastly,  I've been working with BuildASign on my stickers and they should be here soon.  I'll have plenty to give away so send me your address for a free one (xm41907@gmail.com)!!


Annie said...

I hope your hammy heals up soon and you're feeling well in time for the marathon! Don't blame you for not wanting to wait on another one. Even if you have to walk part of the way, it will be great to say you finished, and I'm sure you will finish!

That fridge looks awesome! I've wanted one like that. Good to have everything at eye level. I think having the produce in the clear drawers at eye level will make it more likely to choose it as an option to eat when grabbing something quick and impulsively. I have a tendency to forget I even have stuff in those drawers right now, so stuff starts going bad on me : ). I like the idea of a deep drawer for the frozen stuff. Can't wait to see pics of your kitchen as you get things done!

Nej said...

I love how your kitchen remodel started because of the fridge. Ours started because of a drippy faucet. It ended with new faucet, new sink, new counters, refacing the cabinets...and a new floor to come this year.

Stupid drippy faucet. :-)

Love the blog!!!