Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Well I’m really not in pain.  Especially like this guy is:

However I’m still feeling a pulling/tenderness/aching kinda feeling behind and above my left knee.  I haven’t run in a week and a half.  Not since my long run on the treadmill.  It doesn’t so much hurt as it’s a slight discomfort at times.  I’m pretty confident it’s a pulled hamstring tendon and should heal up fine, but I’m 3/4 of the way through marathon training and really can’t afford to just take off from running for an extended period.  I’m holding off until Sunday’s run, hoping it will be better and am trying everything I can think of to help speed it along.  Still, it’s unsettling to have any kind of injury at this point in my training.  What if it doesn’t heal up until right before the marathon?  Should I still run it?  If I can’t make my final few long runs because of it, how will I fare for 26.2?
I have faith it will heal pretty quickly.  I’ve not been in any pain, just discomfort.  I’ve been giving it plenty of rest.  +It will be fine come Sunday.  It will be fine come Sunday”  I repeat to myself.
To flip the coin, I’m debating my plan for this Sunday.  The weather has been a bit warmer, but I’m afraid it’s not warm enough to melt the snow on my trail.  Alternative route is a must.  I think the sidewalks around home will be fine.  I’ll make the decision of running close to home, most likely a multiple loop route, or finding another trail to run on. There is a nice park with a roughly 2.5 mile loop about 30 minutes from me.  Maybe I’ll look into it.  We’ll see!   


Paul said...

Argh. Sorry to hear that.

You know sometimes I have no luck predicting whether a little niggle is best pampered or ignored.

I've tried both and sometimes the active recovery of easy running doesn't hurt, sometimes it does.

I have found that some light spinning on a bike or other easy walking is very good for recovery for such things.

Here's wishing it goes away by SUNDAY!


James said...

Thanks Paul, I'll keep that in mind.