Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Year Ago Today

Now that my blog is over a year old I can reflect back on what I was doing at this time last year.  Today, one year ago, I was discussing why I am excited about running.

Here are some highlights and my current thoughts on the matter:

"I do miss the camaraderie that goes along with training on a team, but I'm definitely not in this for glory."

With everyone I interact with on the blogs, I've regained a sense of camaraderie that helps keep me going.  Many times, when I'm out there and feel like stopping, or thinking of not running, I think of my blog and what I can say about the run.  It helps keep me moving forward.  As for glory? Nope, I nowhere close to winning a race, or even my age group for that matter.

"I've come to the conclusion that when I'm running, weather it be a dead slow pace or a sprint, I love the feeling of being out there." 

Still true today.  When I'm running and feeling great, I feel like I'm free and open.  I liken it to what a bird might feel like flying through the air.

"The joy I get from just being out on the road, going where I choose, when I choose to, and how fast I get there is liberating. It makes me feel like I can do anything, if only I persevere."

I still get the joy, but with my marathon training and the issues I've had, it's been harder to keep the feeling like I can do anything.  Marathon training isn't for the weak willed.  It takes a lot out of you to keep running for 3 plus hours.  While I'm still happy I'm running one, I am definitely waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to this training.  Other than the immense self gratitude I'll get from finishing the marathon, I'm really looking forward to being to run when I'd like and how far I'd like.  The freedom of just going for a run for the sheer enjoyment of it has been missing.  I'm ready to get it back.

Comparing last year to this year, I can see a mental difference.  Last year I was just getting my feet wet again.  Trying to find my running self.  This year, I'm with purpose. Dedicated and vigilant but hoping to return to that childlike mentality come March 21st 2011 (The day after my marathon).


bobbi said...

YES!!! Your last paragraph EXACTLY describes how I'm feeling about running this year. I'm looking forward to hearing all about your marathon!

Lisa said...

nice transition over the past year. :-)

WannabeRunner said...

Congrats on your one year of blogging! :) And good luck on your marathon!!!