Friday, February 11, 2011

Hello running shoes, it's been awhile.

I finally got myself back out there. After the treadmill trouble of two Sundays ago, I haven't run a lick.  I've been feeling something behind my left knee that I'd assumed was a pulled hamstring tendon. I never experienced pain though.  I realized on my run today it's best described as feeling like I have a piece of tape over the area.  Oh well, it didn't hurt, that's the important thing.

I did four laps (3.08 miles) around the lake at a slow pace. I forgot my watch at home, so I ended up pacing my intervals mentally.  It was nice out!  I even took off my sock hat it was so nice (43F).  Made me really wishing spring was here!  I finished in 35:16 for a 11:25 pace. Not bad considering I was trying to take it slow and easy.

I've renewed confidence for this weekends 18 miles.  I've found another potential trail to run it on.  It's a roughly 2.5 mile loop so I better get used to some deja vu. It's at a popular park so I'm pretty sure it won't be covered in snow still.  I guess we'll see.

Today is Paige's 6th birthday.  Jen is taking her out to an icecapades thing with some friends.  She's excited!  It'll be just the boys so I'm willing to bet we'll either have Taco Bell or Chick-Fil-A for dinner (His favorites).

What are your plans for the weekend?


Lisa said...

best wishes with the long run

Annie said...

I like the new sections you've added to your blog.

Chik-fil-A is great! I like to get their grilled chicken wrap. The best part is that you can get fresh fruit as a side! Do you ever look up nutritional guides when you eat at places? They have them for both Taco Bell and Chik-Fil-A. I am trying to look up the nutritional info before I eat out, so I have a plan in mind of what I am getting and stick with some of the lower calorie options.