Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March has started off with a bang.  A good bang at that!  I ran 5K at lunch today and outside of some stiffness in my upper left leg, I didn't have any issues with my hamstring injury.  I couldn't even notice anything.  I sped it up quite a bit and felt great afterwards!  Could this be the end of my hammy troubles?

I bought an android phone a few weeks ago and have started using a GPS app that ties in with my running log (RunningAhead.com) and it's awesome.  Those of you with GPS watches, I'm sure it's nothing new to you, but old school me is fascinated with it.  Not only does it map out my course and upload it directly into my log, but it gives me the second by second pace as well. 

Here is a graph of my pace from todays run.  Keep in mind I'm doing run/walks right now.  Today's was a 1 min/1 min ratio.  Check out those paces during my run interval!

Unfortunately GPS does have it's issues.  Apparently on my last lap I decided to run across the water for a bit!
 What do you use to track your workouts?


Paul said...

I use a garmin 405 with HR monitor and foot strike (cadence) sensor (can you tell I'm a geek ;)

I have an android phone too and have used it.

Both have some gps noise that makes your path more crinkled that it really us, hence overestimates the distance and hence, the pace.

So beware of that..you think you are running a 10:00 min mile pace but finish the race with a 10:05 pace, for example.

But it's good to have records of one's performance..its' fun to see improvement isn't it!

Glad your hamstring is behaving again!

James said...

I have noticed some discrepancies in the distance. Today's run is a route I run often and 4 laps equals 3.08, but the GPS recorded 3.12.