Sunday, June 3, 2012

New Camera

About two weeks ago, I upgraded to a new camera.  My older Canon S5 IS was too cumbersome to take along on runs, and I’ve never cared for how it handles low light.  With a family vacation to California, and my impending Golden Gate Trail Marathon coming up, I really wanted to get something smaller, that I could carry on runs, and not have to worry about a camera bag, or having it wrapped around my neck.  After a week of research, I settled on the Sony Cybershot HX20V.  It’s a feature rich camera with amazing zoom, and excellent low light capabilities.  I took it with me for today’s run and  Thought I’d share some pics.  These were taken off the cuff, Yes Man style. 

NCR Trail 10 Miler 003NCR Trail 10 Miler 002

NCR Trail 10 Miler 010NCR Trail 10 Miler 014NCR Trail 10 Miler 016

These might not show the quality of the camera, so here are a few more I took that do.

Time Out 


070Red Run Trail Family Adventure 212


Kim said...

I love the moon and the bugs!

James said...

Kim, both of those are untouched. The bugs was a quick micro shot one handed with the bugs on the other hand. The moon was full optical plus digital zoom (107x). I've never been much for digital zoom, but this one is working nicely!

wealth management said...

The last two pictures are awesome! What lens did you use?

James said...

You can't change lenses with my camera. It's a point and shoot, just one awesome point and shoot. Sony Cybershot HX20V