Sunday, June 17, 2012

Corriendo Sin Zapatos

Last night, I finished Born to Run.  Yeah, I’m probably the last lifestyle runner to have read it.  Now, I’m dreaming of Mexico, pinole, and some barefoot running.

Seriously though, it does put up some compelling support for at least trying it.  Not that I’m jumping on the barefoot running craze, but maybe, on occasion, a light stroll across some softened grass sans shoes would be refreshing. 

Far more than the barefoot running, my intrigue into trail running was ignited after reading Mr. McDougall’s well narrated story of the first Copper Canyon Ultramarathon.  With my upcoming trail marathon, I’ve been giving serious consideration of attempting an Ultra. If next month goes well, then I’ll most likely be on the look out for an East Coast Ultra, probably a 50K.

Today, I’m headed to Cincinnati, OH, for a week-long training.  My first stop, Mount Airy Forest for a trail run. 

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