Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Better Watch Your Back!

I’m in Cincinnati this week for a training course on drinking water.  I was supposed to get in on Sunday about 4:00, and was planning a long run, but it didn’t happen. Five minutes before we were to board, the flight was cancelled, necessitating a diversion flight to Atlanta, then a few hours layover, before flying into Cincinnati.  I finally got to the hotel about 10:00 at night, no run. 

I made up for it on Monday with a trail run at a local park (Mt. Airy Forest).  I intended on about 6 miles, but only got in about 4.5.  The trail was intense, and it was hot as heck out, but that’s not the main reason…

I was running through the forest, on a single track trail, when I heard them.  Slow at first, but then they got louder.  Moans coming from behind me.  And then… Zombies!!  That’s right folks, I was being stalked by zombies.  With all the new on brain eating killers, I thought I’d be the next victim, until I realized it was all in my head, or should I say ear.  I was trying out a new app called Zombies, Run!  It’s a running game that tracks your run and randomly places zombie attacks so you have to out run them.  A good deviation from normal running.  There is both an Android and Iphone version.  If you’re looking for something refreshingly different to runs, give it a try.  I won’t say it’s life changing, but a fun alternative to try. 

I also tried it tonight, when I got in a 3.4 mile run around the University of Cincinnati.  Nothing special with this run, other than stopping at about the 3 mile mark to grab some takeout before hitting the books for a mock laboratory audit tomorrow.  Speaking of, I better get back to studying!

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Kimberly said...

Love this - I'm a Cincinnati native and a West Sider at that so I'm quite familiar with Mount Airy Forest. I've never ran there but might have to try it the next time I visit. And I give you props for running near UC - HILLS. Have a good trip!