Thursday, June 7, 2012

National Running Day

Yesterday was National Running Day.  For those that don't know, it's a day to declare your passion for running and promote it to others.  I felt it would be a wonderful opportunity to motivate the kids to be more active, so I posed the idea to Jen and she too thought it'd be good.  We elected to meet at a shopping center near the house, run, then have a nice dinner and treat afterwards, as an incentive for the kids to do well.

Paige, she was awesome.  She's run several races in the past, but got frustrated when she ran a kids cross country series and was overwhelmed by the competitive nature of the other kids.  Since then, she's not cared for running.  Tonight, she had a blast, and is now talking about doing some fun runs again.

Connor, he did decently.  As is true to Connor's persona, he got "tired" and grumpy and didn't want to continue.  With coaxing from the three of us, he did finish.  He'd complained about his feet hurting and Jen fell for it, at first, then realized it was an act.  Still, he ran 95% of it.

We did 1:00/1:00 run walk for 1.5 miles at a dead slow trot for Connor's sake.  Even with Connor's complaining, it came off well, and after a post-run dinner, the kids were racing each other while we waited to get a frozen treat.  What about Connor's foot sore you ask?  Apparently it must have been some magical pizza.  He was running like the wind without complaint.  Hmmm!

On the gout front, the soreness on the top of my foot has gone away.  It's feeling good even after getting in 3 runs so far this week.  I'm going to call it, and say I'm in the clear.  I may have some more tenderness if more pockets of uric acid start to dissolve, but the inflammation is gone and I'm in no pain.  This weekend I'm hitting the big 20!   This will be topping it out for my long runs and the rest of training will be focused on prepping for the massive hills I'm going to have to conquer.  :)

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