Monday, July 11, 2011

Post Surgery Day Two – Blind Fury

I woke up this morning to horrible ghosting and blurriness.  Tearing was unbelievable.  Any length of time looking at something in the light caused the tearing to get worse.  My vision was terrible.  Mostly I spent the day in bed listening to movies.  I couldn’t watch them as I could on Saturday, so I would turn one on, the adjust the brightness and contrast to where I could barely make anything out.  Then I’d roll away and just listen.  This was all to be expected.  Today and tomorrow are considered the worst days.  I got through it though.

Currently it’s 9:15 on Day three and my vision is somewhat better than yesterday.  The tearing has been at a minimum, mostly after I put drops in.  I think I’m through the worst of it now. My vision is slightly better than yesterday, but not near as good as Saturday.  At times I’ve got some clarity, but more often it’s blurry.  The light sensitivity has diminished.  Still there somewhat but not enough to keep me secluded in the darkness.  I’m hoping to see some progression throughout the day.  I’ll report back either tonight or tomorrow morning. 

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Mom said...

Day 2 was probably your worst day. I hope with each morning you wake up and notice improvement. Love you!