Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Dawn of a New Day

I've had my ups and downs.  My "good days" and my "cheat days" with both food and exercise.  I've gone extended periods of eating no meat, only to binge eat at some later date. I've ran 135 days straight, only to slack off for months and loose all the improvements.  What is it about life that causes these roller coaster dips and climbs?  My answer... That's life!  We all go through the extreme joy of the ups and the dark sadness of the downs.  It's inevitable.

I'm talking today about the nutrition/exercise/rest roller coaster.  Two and half years ago, I was coasting along.  Running regularly, and not worrying too much about my diet.  Then fatigue set in.  It hit me like a Noland Ryan fast ball, hard and direct.  After being dupped into hours upon hours of being attached at the nose to a hose (CPAP for central sleep apnea), I hit the deep end and took great strides in changing my diet.  It paid off in a big way.  My energy levels returned.  My blood pressure went down, and I grew leaps and bounds in my running.  That is, until about ten months ago.  Relationship issues forced a change in my lifestyle and old habits settled back in.  The waist size grew, the miles slowed, and before I knew it, I was back in feel-like-crap-ville.

I wouldn't say I've hit bottom, but I've hit the "enough is enough" to motivate me off the long slow downhill.  It's time to uphill it!

Food - I'm jumping head long into a mostly vegan food base.  It worked before, it will work again.  I keep saying that to myself.

Exercise - It's time to get over my setbacks of late.  I extreme-ed it last year with races and frequency, then crashed down to nil.  I've got the Army Ten Miler in October, year number five.  I'm putting a simple goal.  Make it better than last year.  It's a lofty goal, as I rocked it hard last year, but I know I can do it, and will.

Sleep - I'm lucky in that I rarely suffer from insomnia.  Where I suffer is that I stay up too late doing meaningless shit.  New rules... 10:00 pm bed time.

Blog - The Runner's Bug has been neglected.  Time to put a stop to it.  I missed writing quite a few race reports last year, causing my blogging motivation to plummet.    I'm in  a new life and a blog renovation is in order.  Time to kick myself in gear!

Here's to the dawn of a new day!