Monday, July 25, 2011

Six Miler and Vision Update

It's been an interesting albeit uneventful week compared to the previous few.  I ran with Fleet Feet on Thursday and it was the hottest and roughest run in a long time.  On the way to the store, my car's thermometer read 108F.  Outside it was more likely around 101-102.  The high heat/humidity just zapped any bit of energy I had.  We went slow at a 1:30/1 ratio, but by the end I was out of it.  This week I'll be running with the group again on Tuesday.

Yesterday (Sunday), I got in a 6 mile long run in the evening.  It was too hot when I got up so I waited until the evening.  The heat was rough, but slightly bareable.  Same as before, the run zapped my energy.  I did 1:30/1 but took a couple of extra 30 secs to some of those walks.  I finished ok with an 11:45 pace but it felt more like a 13:30 pace.
There hasn't been much to report on the eyes.  The ghosting still remains. Vision fluctuates throughout the day with blurrines.  I've started using some gel drops, which helps. I'm still on the steroid drops and from many of the experiences I've read, there's significant improvement after they're stopped.  I've got another week and a half or so. 

I'm relatively happy with the results so far.  While I have some minor complications, I still beleive it's an improvement over pre-surgery.  Here's a simulation of my vision before and now. The "abc" best with glasses isn't the best example.  I was trying to show how the dots ran together with my glasses.  It didn't change the darkness or color though.

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the hot weather is taking a toll on everybody's running