Thursday, April 28, 2011

Da' Gout

Well my big toe is still lingering on in pain.  All hope I had that it was something else has faded.  It's in the joint and feels exactly like it did before.  Although the pain hasn't been debilitating as it has in the past, it none the less is still back. A slap in the face that reminds me this will most likely be a life long problem.  I'd hoped that the medicine would just work.  No need to worry about things since I'm on medicine again. Not quite.  Something has changed to bring on an attack.  Could it be several missed doses over the last few weeks?  I don't think that alone would cause it.  Sure, a dip in the effectiveness, but I would have thought it would have surfaced last week, after my last missed dose, not a week later of full dosing.  Could it be the weight gain I've experienced as of late? I'm thinking so.  I've gained about 8-9 lbs back since the marathon.  Not a ton of weight, but it puts me back over the 200 lb mark.  Could it be that I haven't been watching my diet closely like I was?  Again, that's highly likely.  I was tracking calories on Spark People for about 4 months.  All my work travel lately made it difficult to keep track of and it fell to the wayside.  I guess I'd better pick that back up and get my weight back down.  Uggg!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rainstorms, Whining, and Inflammation

On Easter Jen and I took the kids out to lunch and while eating we decided to check out a local dam that we've been wanting to see.  It's only about 15 minutes drive from the house so why not right?  We figured a quick drive there, spend some time at the dam, and another 15 minute drive home for an afternoon nap.  Things didn't go as planned.

We made it to the parking lot, got out and started to walk in the direction of the dam.  There, we noticed a sign "Liberty Dam.  1.8 miles"  1.8 miles?   That's a bit of a hike with two kids.  The trail was actually a two lane paved road and it was nice out. We headed that way.  The kids were having a good time.... for awhile, then the whining started.  Connor had to be picked up.  Paige wanted to be in the car.  It was turning out to be not a fun hike. 

There were plenty of other families out and the speed at which they were moving far exceeded our own.  It took us well over an hour to reach the dam.  The dam itself was pretty cool.  The water was cascading over the concrete down the side to a river, smooth and peaceful.  One could imagine sliding down the water like a waterslide. 

The return was even more eventful.  Shortly after we left the dam, it started raining.  Then we heard it, the crack of thunder.  SHIT, we're stuck outside and a thunderstorm is rolling through.  By this time, we were the only ones left out on the road as everyone else has far surpassed our speed.  Ducking for cover, we sat huddled in the understory of some trees waiting for the storm to pass.  After about 20 minutes it did and we continued on.  I hold Connor nearly the entire 1.8 miles back, Jen and Paige not far behind.  Finally, we made it to the car. We ended the trip by stopping at Dairy Queen (Texas Stop Sign) and having dinner and ice cream.  For all the whining, rain, and lightning, it still beat sitting at home. 

On the running front, I'm currently grounded.  Yesterday I awoke to some pain in my left big toe and it continues today.  Naproxen and Voltaren Gel (Both NSAIDS) are currently working their magic to lower the inflammation.  At first I was hoping for the best, but alas, Gout has struck it's ugly head once again.  I haven't had a bit of pain since going on the Gout Meds about 9 months ago.  I did have several missed doses lately and I've gained some weight back since the marathon.  I hope that's all it is.  Depending on how it feels this afternoon, I may attempt a short run.          

Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day Unit Moral Run

My unit conducted an Earth Day Run/Walk on the fort's jogging trail.  About 20 people attended, but only a couple of us actually ran (military had PT this morning and didn't want to run twice in the same day).  I had never run this course before and was surprised at how hilly it is.  It has many short and step hills and meanders between the golf course (cause every military installation must have one!), and the NSA compound (Can you read "do not cross this fence or you will be shot on site!"). 

The course is a 3.6 out and back, the furthest I've run in a month.  Going into it, I knew I wasn't going to hold steady the entire time without walking.  I decided to leave it unstructured and just walk when I felt the need.  This method works best with a hilly course.  The out was great.  I walked a couple of the very steep hills but otherwise ran fine. The return was tougher.  I was wearing down and had several shoulder stitches.  I don't get side stitches, they always hit my shoulder for some reason.  Shortly after I returned to the rally point, it started raining. I'm glad I chose to run as it was cold.    I finished in 38:57.  Not too bad for a trail run.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

PMBS Diagnosis and Treatment

I've been scouring the greatest medical resource on Earth.... WebMD.   After some intense thought and evaluation, I've self-diagnosed myself with PMBS.  Now you might be asking yourself:

"What in the holy hell is PMBS?"  Or "PMBS?  isn't that Premenstral Buttocks Syndrome?"  No, no it isn't

"How about Poly Morphic Bowel Syndrome?"     That'd be a hell no.

"So what is it then?  One of those rare, but all over the internet so you think you've got it diseases?"  Again... nope.

PMBS, or Post Marathon Blues Syndrome is basically feeling down about running after you've finished (or did not finish) a major event and the training required for it.  Since the Shamrock Marathon, I've not been too motivated to run.  I wouldn't say I'm depressed, not even slightly.  I'm still thrilled I went the distance. Rather it's just a lack of motivation.  I don't have current goal and other avenues in my life have taken focus.  

Well I've gotten in two good runs this week.  Yesterdays 1.5 miles.  And today I did 2.23 at a speedy 8:48 pace.  Straight running that is.  I'm feeling good now. Starting to think about my next goal.  I've got several repeat races from last year I'd like to do but nothing in the near future.  Time to scour the net looking for a good race.   

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A New Page

No, it’s not a new page in my life.  I simply created a facebook page for The Runner’s Bug.  Go check it out here.  My running has been, well lacking lately.  I’m on the look out for another goal to kick start my butt in gear.  I guess I’ve been in the post marathon blues.  Today I did have a nice 1.5 mile run at a 9:37 pace.  Going to try again tomorrow if work isn’t too busy. 

Monday, April 11, 2011

Hot, Hot, Hot

Finally, I got a run in after nearly two weeks off. I've not been a good runner after finishing the marathon.  And my weight has shown it.  I've gained about 7 lbs.  Ugg!  Time to kick my butt in gear and get back to a routine.

I ran only 1.54 miles, but they were significant.  One, it was the first time since the beginning of last fall that I ran in shorts.  It was only 76F but I could have sworn it was in the upper 80s.  Time to get used to running in the heat.  Two, this was the first run in about 9 months that I didn't take a walk break.  I've been doing run/walks for so long it felt odd not stopping.  My time was good.  A decent 14:23 for a 9:21 pace.  I didn't feel like I was going hard but I did develop some shoulder pain (my form of side stitches) coming around the last lap.  I know it's from my breathing, not stopping for a quick catch of my breath. It'll take a few runs to settle back into breath management. Three, this 1.5 miles marked the 500th mile I've tracked since starting to run last year.  It may not be near as much as many other runners get in, but with various setbacks, I've had many instances of going two weeks plus without running.  Now off to my next 500!

I'm going to start running 3 times during the week instead of two Mon, Wed, and Fri.  Hopefully I'll burn off that extra weight soon.  :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Snow, Sunsets, and Springtails

First off, I haven't run since my awesome miler last Tuesday.  Last Thursday I was fitted for custom inserts by my podiatrist.  As I've mentioned before, I've been diagnosed with short Achilles tendons, and he wanted to wait until after my marathon before putting me in them. (not really sure why he couldn't have fitted me before though).  It's going to take about a month to have them made.  I haven't had much trouble lately, as I've been wearing a nighttime splint at home, and try to be consistent with stretching.  Hopefully this will push it over the edge with stretching them back out.  I do not want to wear night splints forever.

Works been busy and I'm currently sitting in a hotel room in Upstate New York.   I'm working on an accreditation program for child and youth services on Army installations regarding pesticides.  If all goes well, this program will involve more short trips as an assessor of the program.  With the budget crisis, things have been iffy, but it's a program with significant merit for the health of our military children.

Snow - It rained all last night, but this morning we were in a down right blizzard.  It only lasted about an hour, then slowly tapered off to a rain, but made for a rough morning.

Sunsets - The day cleared up and we ended it watching a great sunset over Lake Ontario, too bad it wasn't warm enough to get out of the car!

Springtails - These are fascinating insects with an odd appendage that attaches under their belly which they use to fling them in the air.  Their about 1/4 the size of a flea and live in moist environments.  You can usually find them under rocks in the soil.  One of the daycare facilities we inspected today has had a reoccurring problem with springtail infestations.  Only one of the odd things I deal with and why I  love my job!