Friday, July 15, 2011

Post Surgery Day Seven – One Week Follow-up

Today I FINALLY got my bandage contacts out!  It felt great.  Nice and cooling at first, but later came some irritation in the form of dry eye.  The doctor said things were coming along nicely.  The “scab” of epithelium cells is directly in my line of sight, hence the ghosting.  Before the contacts came out, I tested at a 20/50 visual acuity, but after they came out, it was 20/30.  Pretty damn good compared to pre-surgery.  The ghosting decreased quite a bit, at first, but was noticeable the rest of the day. 

This evening I attempted to drive, and after about a minute, I felt fine.  Sure, I had some trouble reading road signs, but I could easily see cars and other obstacles.  We took a short trip out of town and returned after dark.  I’d say my night vision is roughly the same as pre-surgery, but with the ghosting.  Still,, not too bad. 

As for the ghosting, it’s still there, but getting less noticeable.  I don’t know if I’m just more accustom to it, of if it’s truly started decreasing yet.  My vision was supposed to regress a bit after having the contacts removed.  So far, I haven’t noticed it, except when my eyes dry out. 

At this point, I’ll probably stop reporting on a daily basis, and only mention it when there is something worth mentioning. 

Shifting gears away from eye surgery, and back to running now.  The doctor said I can resume exercising now.  Whaoo!  I can get back on track with my half-marathon training!!

Since tomorrow is a scheduled day off, and the last week has been taxing, I’m going to just wait until Sunday for my long run before returning.  


Mom said...

I'm glad you're doing better with your eyes, James. Drops can make such a huge difference too. When you get older your eyes tend to get dryer and blurrier because of it, but lubricating eye drops help a lot. I use them several times a day.
Have a good weekend!

James said...

if you're using them that much, I hope you're using preservative free drops.