Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Post Surgery Day Four – Ghosting Part Two

I called the doctor and he said this is normal for PRK.  They leave a bandage contact in for a week.  Most accounts I’ve read it’s come out around day 4 or 5.  According to the Doctor, the new growth is underneath the bandage and grows in rough.  Once the bandage is removed, blinking will start to smooth out the new cells. I should start to see improvement at that time.  Makes sense to me.  Given that I had decent, albeit blurred vision for the first day without ghosting, I don’t think anything went wrong with the laser.  Some of my fears have been alleviated.  It’s still worrisome though.  Everyone says the mantra for PRK surgery is “patience”  I can’t wait until Friday for the bandage to be removed and the doctor to inspect my eye!

Here’s a picture of my left eye. You can see the outline of the contact bandage outside of the pupil/iris. 


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